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Skilled Assistance With Expungements

A skilled criminal defense attorney from Smith, Carrillo & Reeder can help you pursue an expungement. We have represented numerous clients in expungement cases, and we will put in the time to thoroughly understand the complexities of your case. We have successfully expunged many records, but each case’s success depends on many factors and is never guaranteed.

Careful Navigation Of Indiana Laws

Indiana laws govern which crimes can or cannot be expunged. For example, Indiana’s 2013 Second Chance Law determined that most sex offenses cannot be expunged from a convicted individual’s record.

You must meet certain deadlines to expunge your record. Often, the deadline is within one year of the arrest or conviction. For more serious crimes, you may need to serve all or most of the sentence, or wait at least eight years before petitioning for an expungement.

What Should You Expect?

The expungement process will likely involve petitions, forms, court dates, court appearances, speaking with your case’s prosecutor and a period of waiting for the courts to consider your request. If a victim was involved in the case, they would also be made aware of your petition.

Expungements can be very time-consuming and stressful. It is important to have an attorney on your side to smoothly guide you through this complex process. We can also help you avoid costly mistakes.

Call Us Today To Get Started

Our lawyers can skillfully handle matters outside of the expungement process, including wrongful death cases and family law disputes. We have been helping clients in Anderson find justice since 1978, and we are more than capable of doing the same for you.

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