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How can a DUI impact your schooling?

Getting a DUI conviction on record is a big deal for many reasons. As a college student or prospective student in particular, you should understand the full potential impact it may have. While expulsion may not necessarily present itself as a risk, you could face...

How can TBIs impact your behavior?

Dealing with a traumatic brain injury - or TBI - often poses life-changing problems to the victims. TBIs can affect victims mentally, physically and even behaviorally. The latter often does not get as much attention as the first two types of impacts. However, it can...

Will nesting work for you?

As a parent going through a divorce, you want what is best for your child no matter what. This is particularly true in times of duress. You may feel torn about ways you can ease this transitional period for your child, but one way to do so is by opting for nesting....