Is divorce mediation right for me?

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2019 | Divorce Mediation, Family Law And Divorce

Mediation is an alternative to divorce that many couples in Indiana find beneficial. However, for some couples, it is not recommended, as it requires both parties to work together to reach an amicable solution. Lifehacker provides a few examples of when divorce might be the better option for you.

For mediation to work well, each party has to have empathy for the other. When abuse is an issue within a marriage, it is all but impossible for the victim to see things from the abuser’s point of view. That is why divorce is recommended in this case, as a judge will be able to make determinations that are in the best interest of the abused spouse, as well as any children involved.

Infidelity can also make mediation more complicated. Affairs during a marriage cause a great deal of resentment, and this can cause the aggrieved spouse to react in unreasonable ways. When there is a lot of anger surrounding a split, the chances of exes working together peacefully are slim. This may result in a drawn-out mediation process, with no real resolution being reached regardless of the work put in.

That is another possible downside to mediation, depending on your point of view. The process often takes a lot longer than a traditional divorce, since you and your former spouse will need to hash out the details on asset division, custody arrangements, visitation, and child support. And the more conflict that exists between you, the longer mediation will take. If you want decisions made quickly and feel that you will have a hard time making compromises with your ex due to lingering issues, it is best to opt for divorce. Your attorney can help you make the best decision for your needs.