Getting through the difficult times of divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2020 | Family Law And Divorce

When Indiana couples decide to divorce, they may struggle with the aftermath of the end of their relationship. A divorce can mean complicated co-parenting, difficult interactions with mutual friends or a serious sense of loss. This is, after all, why so many people wait to divorce even after the relationship has long since started to go sour. Even though people start out their marriages hoping they will last forever, serious conflicts cause 40% to 50% of all American couples to eventually divorce. Getting through this period can be difficult, but there are steps that people can keep in mind to help them emerge successfully from the end of a marriage.

Divorcing spouses should be careful to protect their children. After all, except when abuse or neglect are involved, children still love both of their parents, even if the parents have ended their romantic relationship. They should not feel forced to choose between the closest people in their lives or get involved in the conflicts in the divorce. By keeping kids protected and assuring them that they are not the reason for the divorce, they can emerge with healthy relationships with both of their parents.

At the same time that parents want to keep their kids protected from the details of the divorce, it can be more important than ever to turn to friends, family members or a therapist for support. People can feel alone during a divorce, and connecting with loved ones to express feelings can be an important way to get through a difficult time.

Of course, the personal and social difficulties that accompany a divorce may resolve themselves more quickly in the long run than the legal and financial matters. A family law attorney may help a client negotiate a settlement on issues like spousal support and property division.