Rural roads and what makes them dangerous

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2020 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury

Rural roads, though they may have less traffic than many urban roads in Indiana, are nonetheless fraught with their own dangers. Safety-minded drivers should be aware of these dangers, which include the presence of wildlife as well as animals from nearby homes, the relative lack of street lights and the narrow lanes and shoulders.

This last factor in particular is often linked with head-on collisions and run-off road crashes. These accidents can stem from drivers’ own negligence; many drivers become inattentive behind the wheel when traveling in the countryside because they have a false sense that they are safer there than in the city.

In addition, many drivers in rural areas take advantage of the lack of police presence in order to act recklessly. Some will speed, some will take off their seat belt, and others will risk driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It’s not surprising that many accidents on rural roads are fatal. Speed and seat belt neglect play a role, but there’s another consideration: the delays that crash victims can experience in receiving medical attention.

All of this should serve to convince drivers to be more alert on rural roads. Defensive driving is key here. Drivers must act as if the other driver is going to do something unsafe at any moment.

Whether it occurred in a rural or urban area, a crash can form the basis for a personal injury case. It all depends on who was negligent and to what degree. Crash victims may want a lawyer to evaluate their case in light of Indiana’s modified comparative fault rule and calculate how much they might receive in a settlement. The lawyer may even handle all negotiations for that settlement, sidestepping any aggressive tactics meant to force victims into accepting a low-ball settlement.