Can a divorce financial planner help?

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2020 | Family Law And Divorce

Those getting divorced in Indiana are often encouraged to obtain the advice of numerous experts during the process. One specialized expert that may help is a divorce financial planner. This professional can help point out financial issues that need to be addressed and assist with post-divorce financial planning.

Many people simply do not know divorce financial planners exist, so they do not hire one. This type of expert will cost money, but this person’s value is apparent when his or her suggestions help someone obtain a divorce agreement that better accounts for his or her post-divorce financial life. Some people are completely in the dark when it comes to figuring out their finances because they have never really had to do it on their own. A divorce financial planner would help his or her client figure out how to get started. Then the client could figure out what to ask for in the divorce agreement.

A financial planner collects financial information from his or her client to get a picture of any liabilities or expenses. The planner’s goal is to help his or her clients obtain distributions of their marital estates that would help get them on their feet after the divorce. What makes a financial planner especially helpful is that he or she can help his or her clients look into the future. Many people getting divorced are only looking at the next year and how they will survive.

A family law attorney is one expert that could help his or her client figure out where to get started when the divorce process is underway. An attorney may introduce his or her client to other helpful experts that may be of assistance with the divorce. A lawyer might work with his or her client on strategy so that individual can be prepared when divorce negotiations start. It is essential to be ready with a negotiating plan.