What are some benefits of divorce mediation?

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2021 | Divorce Mediation, Family Law And Divorce

After you and your spouse decide to divorce, you will need to work out issues relating to property division, spousal support and child custody. When you mediate your divorce, you and your spouse work with a neutral third party to come to an agreement.

Many couples in the U.S. divorce every year and choose mediation (the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that in 2019, 746,971 couples ended their marriages). Mediation provides many benefits, and it may be a good option for your upcoming divorce.


Mediation can take time, but when compared to settling your divorce in court, the process can go much faster. You and your spouse also retain the power to set dates for settlement meetings and work through issues at your own preferred pace, instead of the court system.


When you bring your divorce to court, more people will have access to private information about your finances and children. When you mediate your divorce, you can keep your divorce issues confidential and private throughout the process.

Less contention

If you and your spouse have children and intend to coparent after your divorce, mediation can help you preserve your working relationship. Mediation is often a less contentious process because it promotes coming to an agreement that works for all parties involved.

Divorce can be a challenging and emotionally difficult process. Mediation can help you ease some of this burden and can help you maintain control of how you and your spouse work through divorce-related issues.