How do you talk to children about divorce?

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2021 | Children And Divorce/Child Custody, Family Law And Divorce

When you decide to go through with a divorce, that is just step one if you are a parent. You must then figure out how you want to break the news to your child. After all, they will need to know eventually, and it is better to tell them sooner rather than later.

But just how to you broach the topic? Is there any specific way that works better than others? Are there any mistakes you want to avoid?

How to limit the damage

Psychology Today has several tips for dealing with the topic of divorce. They discuss how to broach the topic with your child in a way that does the least amount of damage. They emphasize, however, that damage will still happen. After all, you are telling your child that the foundation of life they know and rely on will soon change.

Fear of change and the unknown that accompany it often form the base of your child’s reaction to divorce. If you can do whatever possible too assuage these concerns, they will likely handle it in a better way.

Cooperating with your spouse

The first thing you can do is start by working together with your spouse instead of working against them. This provides familiarity, showing your child that you can work together despite the difficulties your divorce brings you.

It also gives you and your partner the ability to work through discussions before you bring them to your kid. Decide what you want to say and what is off limits. Try to guess what they may want to bring up and come up with answers ahead of time.

Above all, constantly reassure them that you will still love them no matter what. This is the best way to assuage any lingering worries they may have.