Do helmets protect from head injury?

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2021 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury

Motorcyclists generally understand the elevated risk of injury that they face compared to other vehicles. This includes elevated risks for head, neck and spine injuries, along with traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

Helmets cut down on the amount of damage dealt to the head, but exactly how much damage does it prevent?

Reduction of injury

The National Library of Medicine looks into the impact of helmets on head injuries. The study in question took a look at the differences between preservation and limitations of damage when it came to different types of injuries to the head. Due to the results of the study, several things immediately came to light.

For one, helmets do not protect the head from all injuries equally. For example, intracranial hemorrhaging saw one of the lowest reduction rates at 53 percent. On the other hand, cerebral contusion saw one of the highest reduction rates at 71 percent.

Room for improvement

From these numbers, it is also apparent that helmets do not provide 100 percent protection from any sort of damage. Though the rates can climb quite high, they never guarantee perfect protection. This means that even now, helmets still have room for improvement to design and functionality.

Finally, helmets still provide much more protection than not wearing anything at all. Even a 53 percent reduction is better than a 0 percent reduction, after all, and a helmet can also mean the difference between a small injury or a deadly one.

Thus, while helmets could certainly face improvement, it is important for bicyclists to strap on a helmet before hitting the road to reduce the chances of a dangerous injury.