Will parallel parenting suit your needs?

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2021 | Children And Divorce/Child Custody, Family Law And Divorce

Different families have different needs, and this holds true even if you as parents decide to get a divorce. Perhaps cooperative parenting is the end goal you want to work toward, but as things are, you do not think it is possible.

You can take a look at parallel parenting instead, which serves as a stepping stone between divorce and cooperative parenting methods.

Who does parallel parenting benefit?

As Psychology Today states, parallel parenting serves numerous families of divorce in varying circumstances. It particularly suits families who want to stay together as much as possible and strive toward shared custody and cooperative parenting but do not have the ability to do so currently due to high levels of conflict.

Perhaps the divorce did a number on your mental health, or maybe you and your co-parent break into arguments too frequently. Maybe you could do with some breathing space in between the divorce and moving on to post-divorce life. If so, parallel parenting provides this reprieve. It requires co-parents to communicate strictly through text, email, instant messages or handwritten letters instead of in person. This reduces friction and cuts down on arguments, allowing you both time and space to heal.

Reevaluating your case

A judge will periodically reevaluate your case, seeing how well you and your co-parent can communicate. They decide to adjust your plan, leave it as-is, or even declare the period of parallel parenting over so that you can move on to other cooperative forms of parenting instead. This is your ultimate goal, though different couples will reach it at different speeds due to unique personal circumstances.