How do you get your driver’s license back?

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2022 | Criminal Law

When you lose your driving privileges, you cannot legally operate a vehicle until the Bureau of Motor Vehicles grants you permission. In order to reinstate your license, there are several requirements you may need to meet.

According to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, your Official Driver Record contains all the details of your driving history. This includes any suspensions on your record, as well as the steps needed to regain your license. You can usually view this record online.

How do you know which steps are necessary?

The official record tells you whether you have an administrative or a court-ordered suspension. An administrative suspension usually results from specific violations, such as failing to have car insurance. The steps to regain your license after this kind of suspension are relatively straightforward. You may, for example, simply need to submit a statement saying that you have car insurance.

For a court-ordered suspension, you may need to contact an official from the court that suspended your license. This official can explain what steps you need to take. For a DWI, you may need to complete alcohol education classes, for example. The court will likely want to see a certificate of completion before granting you permission to drive.

Is it expensive to reinstate a license?

The BMV typically expects you to pay reinstatement fees. These fees could vary depending on your situation. You may pay a higher fee for a suspension connected to a DWI than for one resulting from driving without insurance, for example. Your official driving record usually specifies how much you owe. In some situations, you could also need to replace your driver’s license.

If your reinstatement fees are more than you can afford, you may want to contact a court to see if you qualify for a reduced fee.