How can TBIs impact your behavior?

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Dealing with a traumatic brain injury – or TBI – often poses life-changing problems to the victims. TBIs can affect victims mentally, physically and even behaviorally.

The latter often does not get as much attention as the first two types of impacts. However, it can have some of the longest-lasting changes a TBI victim may face.

Behavioral TBI impacts

The CDC Injury Center discusses the impact of traumatic brain injuries. Generally speaking, TBIs can leave impacts that will last from weeks to months to years. In some cases, some of these impacts will last indefinitely.

Behavioral impacts often have the potential to be one of the more longer-lasting impacts from a TBI. This is especially true of injuries to the frontal lobe, which often impact a victim’s ability to control their impulses, along with their general temperament.

This can also lead to victims lashing out at their loved ones in their anger, or seeming easier to annoy or easier to anger in general. Many of the loved ones of TBI victims state that this is one of the most jarring aspects of a TBI’s impact and one of the least pleasant to deal with.

Stress coping failures

Many also experience struggles when it comes to coping with stress. This can include the small daily stressors that most people face in life and at work, which victims once felt they could face and handle with ease. Unfortunately, this can lead to major problems like breakdowns while on the clock, which could even jeopardize a victim’s employability.

Getting timely and proper medical treatment can potentially help limit these effects. This is why many TBI victims may want to focus on getting compensation for their injury.