How can back injuries change your life?

On Behalf of | May 20, 2022 | Personal Injury

When discussing back injuries, it is easy to feel like they are not serious, especially since so many people suffer from injuries and pain of the back so often.

But these injuries can actually cause life-altering changes and may even change the course of a victim’s life.

Mental effects of back pain

Cleveland Clinic discusses the impact of back injuries. It can impact a victim’s life in many ways, especially if they have medical expenses due to the injury and do not have a lot of paid time off. They can easily enter into a difficult loop in which they have to pay for treatments, medications and more, but cannot make the money back.

This can cause stress which may compound with anxiety or depression, which has a strong tie to chronic pain. Many victims who suffer from chronic pain will also develop – or suffer from a worsening of – depression and anxiety.

This makes it even harder for a victim to get back on his or her feet. During this difficult time, it is easy for some people to end up dependent on painkillers, especially opioids. Many may also turn to other substances such as alcohol and form a dependence on them in order to ease the physical pain and mental stress.

The formation of a difficult cycle

In turn, it becomes even harder for the individual to hold a job or find new work. This creates a cycle that many victims find extremely hard to break out of. This is why it is crucial for anyone suffering from a back injury to seek immediate treatment to prevent it from worsening.