How can you handle long distance co-parenting?

On Behalf of | May 6, 2022 | Children And Divorce/Child Custody

Long-distance co-parenting does not serve as the most ideal situation for anyone, but unfortunately, it is sometimes unavoidable.

In these scenarios, it is important to understand how to handle co-parenting from a distance in a way that serves your child best. But how?

Using a call schedule

Onward discusses ways to handle long-distance co-parenting that benefit your child. Striking a good balance in communication is one of the first things to nail. Your co-parent probably does not want you calling at all hours to talk to your child. However, constant communication is important.

Try setting a call schedule. This takes the surprise element out of your calls. It also gives you a chance to establish yourself as reliable and responsible in your child’s eyes, as they know they can rely on you to make that call at the right time and day almost every time.

Meeting your child at their comfort level

Keep your child’s boundaries in mind, though, especially as they grow. It is important to stay in contact, but try not to seem like you are hovering, being too nosy or smothering them. Show a healthy interest, but do not pry or make them feel like you have them under a microscope.

Get their preference for communication too, if possible. Some kids might prefer text messages. Others may like phone calls, and others may prefer video calls. If you can reach out to your child on a platform and in a way that they feel is natural, they will not only feel more comfortable in general but will also know that you respect them and their preferences. These are all great ways to build relationships even from afar.