How can estate litigation impact you emotionally?

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2022 | Estates

When dealing with legal problems that revolve around a loved one’s estate, you may not notice how stressed you feel at first.

This level of emotion can cause more problems as time goes on. Learning about the impact of long-term tension while dealing with estate planning can help you stay calm.

Family fights

According to Kiplinger, one issue many people struggle with when dealing with a contested will is an increase in fights and arguments. When the beneficiaries of an estate feel threatened over what inheritance or heirlooms they may get, they can quickly start to feel annoyed with one another.

Dealing with hostile family members during this time can leave you feeling tired and overwhelmed.


You may also struggle with grief over the person you lost during this time as well. The added stress over continual legal problems can impact how well you function in daily life, such as developing eating or sleeping problems.

Not only are you mourning someone dear to you, but you may also feel worried about the undue influence of someone on the will that your loved one wrote. Worrying about the validity of the will and what will happen next can drain your energy as you still must deal with daily concerns.

Confusion over details

You may not have much experience with wills or estates, which can make you nervous when it comes to ensuring that all formalities and legal guidelines are being followed. Trying to understand the intentions of your deceased loved one can also seem confusing at times.

When dealing with estate litigation, knowing what leads to worry can help you stay aware of your stress during this time.