How can scaffolding lead to serious accidents and pain?

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2022 | Personal Injury, Workplace And Construction Site Accidents

No matter what task you need to complete, you are likely to know the dangers of using a bulldozer or a crane. However, those are not the only kinds of danger on a construction site.

When walking on scaffolding, there are many opportunities for you to slip and fall or harm yourself in some way. Learning about the ways that this happens can help you if you are struggling with a personal injury from a scaffold.

Negligence while constructing

According to the United States Department of Labor, any scaffold that workers use must have a competent person check it before anyone works on it.

Loose screws or brittle planks with holes in them can weaken the overall structure. If your workplace does not follow all the safety guidelines made by OSHA, then it can potentially lead to a brain or spinal cord injury for you if the scaffold collapses.

Carelessness from workers

Being around other workers can be a great benefit in some ways, but it can be a great danger when they crowd your space or drop items from up above where you are working. Loose tools sitting out where you need to walk and workers who accidentally lose their grip on a hammer or other heavy item are both sources of injuries.

Broken equipment

Support beams and planks may buckle under a person’s weight or break in some situations. The environment around you, which could have snow or rain frequently falling, can also create rusted or weak walkways on scaffolds if they are not properly managed.

Looking for support is important if you face injuries after a fall from a scaffold.