Divorce odds soar if you lose your job

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2024 | Family Law And Divorce

If you lose your job, it is important to know that other areas of your life could also change. For instance, some studies have found that the odds of divorce go up notably after job loss.

One study determined that there was a 68% greater chance of divorce after a husband lost their job. If they did not find a new job, the odds of divorce stayed high. But even if they did find another position, their odds of divorce were still 40% higher than if the whole situation had never happened. This suggests that being fired itself increases divorce odds, not just being unemployed.

Why does this happen?

One reason that this happens is that it can create financial stress, which is commonly linked to divorce. The couple may already be relatively unhappy, for instance, but their life is stable and their needs are met, so they stay together. But if one person loses their job and they suddenly can’t make ends meet, all of the other issues seem more important and they decide to end the marriage.

Another thing to consider is that it could be a repetitive problem. This may be why finding another job doesn’t fully decrease the odds of divorce. Some people are constantly between jobs, or they may be unable to hold down a job for long, which means that the family doesn’t have much financial stability. A spouse who sees this pattern may eventually decide to file for divorce.

It can be complex to navigate a divorce, especially when children or significant assets are involved. If you find yourself in this position, carefully take the time to look into all of your legal options.