Do non-custodial parents have rights to contact their children?

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2019 | Children And Divorce/Child Custody, Family Law And Divorce

The State of Indiana suggests that it fits the child’s best interests to have meaningful contact with parents. The Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines instruct parents on a child’s contact with his or her parents. If you live apart from your child, you still have rights to his or her life. There are rules in place to protect both parents.

The General Rules in Section I of parenting time require that parents keep one another in the loop about telephone numbers, email addresses and work and home addresses. If any of the above information changes, the parent must submit the changes to the other parent in writing. Children cannot exchange finances or documents between parents. If parents must communicate, they must do so together on their own time.

In addition, a parent should have private communication with his or her child. It breaks the code if a parent spies on conversations or makes a child report to the other about his or her other parent. The parents should encourage respect towards the parent in question. It is in the best interests of a child not to hear his or her parents speak ill of each other. Children have the right to communicate by phone, email, traditional mail and any electronic communication with their parents. If said child travels for a field trip or any other reason, both parents need information on the itinerary and destination. Even on vacation, a parent has to know how to contact his or her child.

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