Implications and reasons behind grey divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2019 | Family Law And Divorce

Recently in Indiana and throughout the country, there has been a demographic trend in family law that involves older couples. According to Forbes, it is becoming more common for couples who have been married for a long time to end their marriage. Statistics show that while the divorce rate in America is declining, the divorce rate of those over 50 is rising.

One reason it is believed that grey divorce is on the rise is financial management. Many couples deal with financial issues, particularly when one spouse has a hard time managing them. Those who have excessive debt may fight regularly and end up divorcing. There can also be problems when one spouse manages and makes all the money in a marriage. Kiplinger provides some things for divorcing couples to remember regarding finances and divorce:

  • Alimony can be granted for life after a long-term marriage
  • Retirement is typically cut in half
  • Family houses must be valued and split
  • Pre-nuptials can be beneficial during a next marriage, as remarriages are more likely to end in divorce

Another reason for grey divorce is simply growing apart. During the earlier years, when couples are building a family and maintaining a happy environment for children, they may not realize that the spark has left. Once the children have left and couples are facing a lifetime with someone they no longer enjoy being around, sometimes divorce seems like the best option.

As life spans increase, more individuals are “rediscovering” themselves at 50 and older. This gives them a chance to find happiness in ways that were not considered when the life span was shorter. With access to health care and activities that make one happy, it is easier to live longer and stay fit, healthy and active. This provides a second chance to many who find they are unhappy in their marriage.