Divorce tips if your spouse is a narcissist

On Behalf of | May 3, 2024 | Family Law And Divorce

Technically speaking, your spouse is probably not a narcissist. Experts believe that narcissistic personality disorder affects at most 5% of the American population. It may be as low as half a percent. It is just not very common.

That being said, your spouse certainly could demonstrate some narcissistic tendencies. This is especially common during divorce, when they may only be focused on themselves. This can make things much more contentious and they may turn vindictive. Below are some tips that can help you deal with the situation.

Change shared passwords

To start with, it may be time to change any shared passwords that you have. This could include simple things like social media accounts or email messages. But it’s also important to close down access to bank accounts, investment portfolios and the like.

Find a support system

If your spouse is a narcissist, they’re probably going to make the divorce as complicated and difficult as they can. At this time, it’s very important for you to have friends and other family members as a support system. Don’t badmouth your ex, but allow these people to help you in any way that they can. Knowing you have a support system makes it easier to go through this highly emotional process.

Document everything and keep copies

When you start the divorce, get as much documentation as you can about the assets that you own, debt you have and other things of this nature. Your ex may not be fully honest and this documentation gives you proof. Additionally, if their narcissism has caused anything like abuse or excessive arguments, keep copies of text messages, voicemail messages and email messages.

Divorce can be complex, but it’s always possible. You just need to know what legal steps to take.