Can a TBI ruin your relationships?

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2021 | Personal Injury

When you get into a crash and suffer from a head injury, it is likely that the state of your relationships is not high-ranking on your personal scale of worries. While you will often have other, more pressing concerns to handle at first, you should not ignore the threat that head injuries can pose to your relationship health.

In particular, more severe injuries like traumatic brain injuries (TBI) tend to have a more significant impact. But just how and why does this happen?

A reduction in personal responsibilities

Headway discusses the ways in which TBIs can impact relationships. The period after your accident will often result in high levels of tension in all parties. This is often exacerbated by the fact that you cannot keep up with your personal responsibilities while healing, leaving your loved ones to handle most things in your stead.

Stress from alterations in personality

On top of that, TBIs can cause changes in behavioral patterns and thinking. You may find yourself lashing out at loved ones, unable to control your anger or irritation and unable to cope with stress. Many people close to TBI sufferers state that it sometimes feels like they are talking to a stranger, which is upsetting for all parties involved.

If this stress remains left unchecked, it is possible for a TBI and the changes it causes to inadvertently cause the suffering and even severing of your interpersonal relationships. This is why it is important to alleviate stress when possible. Talk it out, attend therapy if necessary, and consider seeking financial compensation for the injury you suffered from. Having the monetary padding can help free you up to focus on fixing other issues.