Does your divorce order need a modification?

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2022 | Family Law And Divorce

There is often uncertainty surrounding what life will look like after a divorce. It is impossible to predict how your life will change or where you find yourself down the road. Because of that, it is possible to modify an existing divorce order.

If you find that your current order is no longer meeting your needs or is becoming increasingly difficult to adhere to, it may be time to request a revision.

Time for change

There are endless scenarios that could necessitate an update to your agreement. However, the most common general categories involve:

  • A Change in income or employment status
  • Relocation
  • Marriage or new relationship
  • A significant change in the co-parenting relationship

Essentially, any life change that makes meeting the terms of the order difficult or impossible can mean that a modification is the best option.

Terms to adjust

You may know why an update is necessary, but what parts of your order can you expect to adjust? This will, of course, depend on the specific reasons for the modification as well as the solution the court comes up with to address the changing needs of both parties. It is common to seek changes to spousal support, child visitation, child support and custody.

It is important to note that, despite the changes that occur in your or your ex-spouse’s life, you must adhere to the standing divorce order until an official modification gets granted by the court. In the absence of extenuating circumstances, you should avoid any deviation from the court order to prevent legal ramifications.