How can a DUI impact your schooling?

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2022 | Criminal Law

Getting a DUI conviction on record is a big deal for many reasons. As a college student or prospective student in particular, you should understand the full potential impact it may have.

While expulsion may not necessarily present itself as a risk, you could face other problems instead. They may have just as much of an impact as expulsion in the end.

How do expulsions work?

According to The College Investor, a DUI could potentially have a huge impact on your life. First, it is still possible for a college to decide to expel you. Though this is not the first choice, many will make this decision in incidents that involved large amounts of property damage, as well as the injury or death of another person.

But even without expulsion, colleges will take swift action. They will often remove all financial support they previously provided. This includes awards, scholarships, prizes, gifts and more.

On top of that, many will not allow you to use their on-campus housing with student pricing. This means you will have to get housing elsewhere, which is often prohibitively costly, especially in bigger cities where many campuses are located.

Loss of career opportunities

Of course, many career opportunities may close themselves off to you, too. For example, both government positions and positions that work with children do not hire individuals who have a DUI on record, no matter what that DUI actually is.

Thus, even if it is a first offense, you always want to take the potential of a conviction for DUI crimes seriously. After all, it could have a bigger impact on your future than you know.